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Menkui layout! If you're not familiar with it, mosey on over to Obsession and download it now! It's a funny and sweet shounen ai story with occasional supernatural twists. I like it even more than KKH! Next up will probably be a Love Mode or Brigadoon layout because they have eaten my brains.

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++mice, men, and unicorns++

The Twelve Kingdoms [Juuni Kokki] anime has eaten my brain. It has now joined the ranks with "Brother Dear Brother" for all-time favorite series. The first couple episodes were alright, but after episode six I was hooked. The series really came into its own. I've now gotten through episode 42 and sadly there's only three more episodes to go. Originally, there were going to be 68 episodes, which would have neatly covered all the major story arcs in the novels. Why they stopped I can't figure out. Still desperately hoping they'll pick up production again. ^___^ I could gush about the series for hours, but I'll just put a few character impressions here:

Youko I *heart* Youko! She's honest, brave, and can owe up to her mistakes. Plus she can give youma (and provincial armies) a mighty ass whipping.

Rakushun Smart, modest, and sweet who wouldn't love Rakushun? Goldberry and I adore Rakushun as well as YoukoxRakushun!

Enki An adorable smart-aleck of a kirin!

Shouryuu Can we say 'swash-buckling'? I haven't seen such swash-buckling since I last saw an Errol Flynn movie!

Taiki I *heart* Taiki so! And if they don't animate the second Taiki arc I shall be very very upset.

Risai Kick-ass female general of Tai! Woot! My role model! ^_~

Now for the other news about "mice, men, and unicorns"...new Narnia films! To be produced by Walden Media (they're the ones that produced "Holes") with special effects and props by WETA (they worked on the LOTR films). I can't wait to see WETA's Reepicheep! Here's hoping they'll pull off a top-notch job! And if they don't...well I still have the old BBC production to keep me amused.

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Sunday, November 16, 2003 03:03 p.m.


Invader ZIM on DVD!!! Woot! Ahh, geeky bliss...So Gargoyles Season One and Invader ZIM on DVD in 2004. DVD Box sets are dangerous, for my wallet that is! ^_^

Finished Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, good book. I highly recommend it.

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Friday, November 7, 2003 11:04 a.m.

++boy!smut withdrawal++

Huss. Am going through boy!smut and shoujoai withdrawal. This is mostly the result of not having been to a Kino's in months. For a fangirl this is agonizing.

In other news, have completely fallen hard for Hikaru no Go (about time right?). I absolutely *heart* all the boys and their gay!boy angst fests. HikaruxAkira/AkiraxHikaru is so there it's not funny. Tsutsui has it bad for Kaga. Mitani is flaming, but not in Tru Boi Luv. He strikes me as the feisty!uke slut. I can't make up my mind who's seme and who's uke when it comes to Waya and Isumi though. Though there needs to be more Kaga screentime, he's so flaming for a seme it's ridiculous. *whips out 'King' fan* The music is fun and I have to say that the 2nd ending is my favorite of all the OPs and EDs.

I miss the Gay-That-is-PoT horribly and really have to catch up on the episodes I've missed. ;_; Finally have the Detective Conan special with Kaito KID and Hakuba. Kekekekeke, as much as I actually like the het pairings in Detective Conan the slash vibes are fun to mess around with. Updated my website with some fics both old and new and a waka section! Hmmn, that's about it until I start getting back into full fangirl mode and start watching anime regularly again.

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Thursday, October 23, 2003 11:56 p.m.

++tales of japanese class++

Once upon a Monday in Japanese 201...

Sensei: Remember how you all thought chapter test is tomorrow?

Class: *nods vigorously*

Sensei: Surprise! Test is today!

Class: "..."

[Whispers of "You have got to shittin' me!" and "Fuck this!" are heard in the background.]

But before a riot can break out...

Sensei: Hahaha! I kidding you! Test is Wednesday instead!

Class: "..."

Sensei: Aren't you so lucky you have good Japanese teacher? ^_____^

Apparently, you can take the teacher out of Japan, but you can't take the Warped Japanese Sense of Humor out of the teacher.

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Monday, October 20, 2003 04:03 p.m.

++nihongo no kurasu++

Some days Japanese class is irritating because sensei has a weird way of teaching grammar, which doesn't always make sense. Not to mention we're in the cold and rainy season of fall which makes the entire class irritable.

Some days the class is too damn hilarious for words! ^____^ It's those days that make me glad of my major. Today was a cross of both. But we did get some funny slip-ups! The top two being:

-"That's one interesting cake!"

-"I think that man over there is a cock!"

I know that made my day. ^_~

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Wednesday, October 1, 2003 12:48 a.m.

++cherry two++

Not only have I not updated my bloggykins in forevah, Cherry-chan's hard-drive bit the dust approximately one week ago, though I was having other problems before that. Apparently it was corrupted behind belief, and I'm not talking 'bout all the yaoi and yuri that was on it. ^_~ Now after much hassling with Best Buy, she's back with a brand new hard-drive. And I finally have internet access again! ^____^ Sad thing is that all my files went bai bai and I have to start from scratch. All I have to say is thank heavens I posted most of the fics I was working on, so fic-wise not much was really lost. I hope everyone's been well (most mailing lists have been awful quiet lately). Once I'm more awake (tomorrow) I'll get around to social blogging. *huggles* I've missed all of you guys!

In other news, my new boss, well one of the four managers at the new place I work at, has shown her true colors. These colors showing her to be the petty, incompetant woman she is. One of the other managers, I'll call him Mr. B, is one of the biggest assholes I've ever met. There aren't words to describe this man. Not to mention the pay is horrid. I can stand the lousy pay if the managers are tolerable or stand the managers if the pay is good, but this is just ridiculous. Thinking of switching to one of the bookstores where roomie works. She says they're looking for more people and pay is much nicer. Hopefully that will come through. It's not like these are major career choices, sales associate is sales associate.

Ick, ick tomorrow is chore day. Need to do laundry, clean room, and organize desk. On the bright side, I don't have morning class due to the holiday, hurrah!
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Monday, September 29, 2003 12:19 a.m.

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Today is not a good day to raid the fridge, it's vanquish the microwave day.

When in doubt wear a Darth Vader T-shirt.

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